Past - Present - Future


  • The past: In 1993, the company began laying the foundations of the company as a sole proprietor, with the completion of a cable termination cabinet and other locksmith work for MATÁV. Due to the increased number of orders, larger sites were purchased and new machines were needed. Meanwhile, the number of employees increased.
  • In 1995, sheet metalworking and mechanical engineering became the main profile.
  • Due to the continuous expansion, the company was transformed into a company in 1996. Its name is FÉMSEBÉSZ Kft., And it has not changed its operational form ever since.
  • In November 2000 another change took place in the company: it merged with KALFÉM Kft. At that time he took his current name and since then it has been known as KALFÉM Kft.
  • The main profile of the company has been further tuned and has become nothing more than the manufacture of steelwork and sheet products. It also involved the manufacture of various lightweight building frames and custom exterior claddings as well as their on-site installation. This is how AGIP and TOTAL gas stations were made, for example, followed by panel production of various business centers and workshops, with, of course, assembly.
  • Responding to new demands, the company began to produce new products. This was the starting point for the production and installation of various billboards, as well as manufactured cabinets, cabinet covers, plate and steel cabinets. Manufacturing of aluminum vehicle windows has started at our company with unique major projects. To this end, we have the appropriate staff and state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Despite the continuous development (construction of new plants, purchase of machinery and continuous increase of the number of employees), it was necessary to increase the production capacity to a greater extent. Thus we established our Kecskemét site in 2005, which had a very good effect on the distribution of the production processes, which made the coordination of production processes more flexible. The establishment of the new site has also had a positive impact on logistics and transport operations.
  • By 2006, vehicle window manufacturing has become one of our main profiles. To the great satisfaction of our customers, we manufacture single and double sliding and vertical sliding windows for horse transport vehicles, cabins, special vehicles and buses.
  • The present: the company's cabinets are located in the telecommunications, cable TV, and electrical and instrumentation industries in virtually every country
  • The Future: With continuous improvement, we know as many satisfied customers as we can.