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3D lever measuring machine

ROMER's latest easy-to-use portable coordinate measuring machine.

Innovative design and unique features found only in ROMER products:

- for example, tungsten counterweight, WiFi, without recalibration

- connectable probes, and actually use

- "works by itself" thanks to Multi Gage software, a three-dimensional measurement tool to improve productivity.

Specially designed for use in advanced machine manufacturing facilities, the 6-axis ROMER Multi Gage is a portable precision coordinate measuring machine with a 1.2 m diameter measuring range.

Measurement accuracy in a 1.2 m sphere according to ISO 10 360-2 E (μm) = 5 + L / 40 ≤ 18

The new Multi Gage measuring machine can be used to control the size of plate and machine parts, tools, molds, castings and much more.

Thanks to its quick set-up, the coordinate measuring machine can be deployed anytime, anywhere in the workshop, if needed.

For measuring and checking parts and fittings on the machine tool.

First sample measurement report

Control unit used for serial production