PEMSERTER pressing machine


Purchase of PEMSERTER press

The PEMSERTER® Series 4 is a 53.4kN manual feeding pneumatic press. With storage cabinet rack, zero stroke counter, reliable mechanical safety system, 457mm penetration depth, steel up to size M10 fastener, softer materials up to size M12. An easy-to-use machine with minimal maintenance requirements is a must-have for small and medium-sized sheet metal working.

Optional four-position QX swivel anchor system allows you to press 4 different fasteners with a single workpiece grip ...

With the optional four-position QX swivel anchor system, four different fasteners can be pressed together with a single workpiece grip.


  • built-in mechanical safety system
  • tool change within 2 minutes
  • 457mm penetration depth
  • component tray
  • 650 cycles per hour
  • QX expandability
  • CE certification


  • Pressing force: max. 53,4kN
  • Operation: pneumatic
  • Air consumption: 6-7 bar, 2.79 liters / cycle
  • Height (on stand): 1676mm
  • Width: 660mm
  • Depth: 940mm
  • Weight (with stand): 372kg